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It's always been about healing.

Hi, my name is Jesse Klein and I'm the founder of Flowing Chi Bodywork. For most of my life I have been interested in the mind, body, and spirit connection. As a child I was always thinking about having magical powers and using my imagination to play with energy in different ways. As an adult I discovered meditation and Chi Gong, and realized that not only does magic exist but it is much more real and complex than I had ever imagined. The ancient sages and founders of the Taoist tradition I take part in saw it more as science than magic. The science of life force energy and its cultivation for the purpose of spiritual development, healing, and attainment of our highest potential as humans. 

I have done many studies and trainings over the course of my life, and the one thing that ties all of them together for me is that it always comes down to the path of healing. I have devoted my life to my own healing journey, and it satisfies me on a deep soul level to help others walk this path as well. From Vipassana retreats, hundreds of plant medicine journeys, Chi Gong and Yoga teacher trainings, Dance and Healing instructor certification, Mens Work deep dives, and of course the bodywork education, I have grown my capacity to hold space and be an ally the healing process to take place in whatever form it may take. The common thread throughout every new skill or practice I learned is that I gained new insights into the human condition and how to apply them to my lifestyle support the path of healing and transformation that each of us most go on during the course of our lives. 

As a trained musician since the age of 5, I have found that my bodywork practice has greatly benefitted from my musicianship, as much of what I play is improvisational and requires deep listening. When I play the piano I attune to my own energy and also the energy of the room and play to what I am experiencing and feeling in that moment. It is the same when I work on someones body. I listen deeply to what it is telling me and let that feeling guide my hands and my energy. In this way we both create a song together, with your body and spirit being instrument. Each session is unique and the music we create will depend on what is most wanted or needed in that moment.

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