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Contact Beyond Contact

Contact Beyond Contact (CBC) is a facilitated group dance and healing journey that integrates Contact Improvisation, Authentic Movement, Passing Through, healing modalities and energy work, mindfulness and leadership skills, proprioceptive and exteroceptive senses, somatics and principles of behaviorism, as well as the philosophies of Buddhism, Hinduism and Taoism. Its primary focus is on true connection with self and a partner(s), expression, and the interplay of subtle energetics and physical touch. We practice exercises that include and go beyond the physical to explore and incorporate psychosocial and energetic dynamics. 


In a class you will learn and experience concepts such as:

- deep listening to yourself and your partner

- leading and following/taking and being taken

- your Yes and your No

- dancing as part of a group

- witnessing and being witnessed

- much more


The intention holding each class is to create a safe space for authentic expression and connection that integrates the body, mind, heart, and spirit and allows people to explore themselves in new, creative, and fun ways - alone and in a group dynamic. In this workshop you will have the opportunity to connect deeper with yourself, your partners, the entire group, and even the greater community at large. The space created in a CBC class is for giving oneself permission to dance alone or with others in a way that is authentic, non-performative, and allows for full expression.


A Space For Deep Listening and Authentic Movement

CBC provides a safe container where each individual is able to express, trust and transform by honouring their personal boundaries and the boundaries of others. This practice will allow you to genuinely, energetically connect with yourself, an-other, the space you are working in and with nature; the world beyond the means of physical contact.

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